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"We avoid hard work and opt for smart work that is relying on stunning TIPS & TECHNIQUES because IELTS is all about TIME TRICKS and LOGIC TRAPS"

IELTS Training Abu Dhabi

BMC (Bait Al Hakmeih Management Consulting) is one of the reputed institutions in Abu Dhabi, UAE helping out to crack several exams like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, CEPA, BULLAT, OET etc. Here we offer the students the guidance to get through the exam in a smarter way than the usual one. Not only exam coaching but also guidance in polishing every aspect required to boost your career is provided here. To know more about BMC IELTS you can definitely reach us on these numbers +971 267 962 55 or +971 553 657 903. You can even visit us personally to know which course suits you best.



Our Focus/Objective is to provide practical training sessions/ reviews for IELTS/TOEFL(to particularly our own registered clients at bmcs which is on a high demand by many organizations/universities as well as embassies in order to evaluate students/ workers/ employees’ language level and those applying for permanent residencies to one of the English speaking countries.

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