Occupational English Test for Nurses and Doctors
(OET) Preparation

OET in Abu Dhabi and Ajman

Online and Onsite Training Offered


OET Training at BMC is offered for both Nurses and Doctors. By means of our OET Review, Nurses and Doctors have successfully immigrated to England, Australia, and New Zealand, and are now practicing in renowned medical centers in English-speaking countries.

At BMC, OET Training Program includes:

  • Customized OET Training sessions (Group and Private)

  • OET Preparation Material and Practice Tests (Soft and Printed Form)

  • Modular OET Training Program (exclusive focus on OET Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking)

  • Additional Grammar for OET Classes depending on the needs of individual test takers

  • Rigorous Feedback on All 4 OET Tests followed by Discussion

  • Online and Onsite / Physical Classroom sessions

How will I be assessed?

  • OET Test Takers are given separate Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking tests.

  • Trainer shares feedback on individual tests OET tests and answers test takers’ questions

  • OET Mock-up tests with feedback by the end of training

OET Training Milestones and Outcome:

Certain milestones need to be achieved during OET Preparation as laid out by BMC’s Cambridge English Teachers in order to benefit from our OET training program to the fullest extent. OET aspirants are assessed for the 4 subtests during and after their OET Review by means of practice tests.

  • To get familiarized with accents in order to understand dialogues between a patient and GP in a clinical setting – OET Listening 

  • To Skim and Scan, read between the lines (contextual reading), make inferences, and verify answers — OET Reading 

  • To understand case notes, write well-structed sentences and understand crucial grammar for OET aspects – OET Writing 

  • To understand Speaking role-play scenario, develop fluency by engaging in role-plays with the trainer and other candidates — OET Speaking 

  • Comprehensive OET Preparation followed by Practice and finally Mock-up Tests to assess test takers’ preparedness

  • Test Takers, especially re-takers of OET, assured of a Grade B on their successive attempt

  • Doctors and Nurses feel confident of Grade B At 1st Attempt on all 4 OET subtests

  • OET Win-Win Program assures a Grade B

Occupational English Test for Nurses and Doctors:

At BMC, OET coaching is a month-long  program followed by a mock-up test to gauge your performance. The Cambridge Licensed Trainers at BMC ensure that test taker is ready to sit and pass their OET exams at 1st attempt. Our comprehensive OET training material for both nurses and doctors is a guarantee to secure Grade B at 1st attempt. We also provide free-of-charge additional help with Writing and Speaking. Please read OET success stories on our Google Reviews Page.

Good news for Retakers:

Retakers are welcomed! For those struggling to achieve a Grade B in OET and are exhausted from many attempts; get trained by a Cambridge Licensed Trainer and secure your desired grade. During OET training, retakers may choose to focus more on specific modules of OET in which they lack. BMC is a trusted OET training center in both Abu Dhabi and Ajman.

OET Preparation Online:

BMC offers highly interactive online OET training sessions. These sessions are conducted by Cambridge English Teachers using state-of-the-art audio/video equipment. All OET training sessions are conducted live and the participants are given ample opportunity to ask questions in order to clarify doubts. For OET online training, access to online training material is provided.

OET Practice Material for Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking

BMC provides plentiful Occupational English Test practice material to clients who have enrolled in its OET training course. OET practice material provided to test takers is a compilation of different authenticated sources, including official material from Occupational English Test. OET training material could be provided in both printed and electronic forms. To get your copy of OET Preparation Material, please call us.


What OET Grade or Score do I need for Australia, New Zealand, and the UK?2022-03-08T15:41:38+00:00

OET requires Doctors and Nurses to have a at least a Grade B on all four subtests: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. So, you must secure a Grade B or A on all 4 OET subtests. However, the UK’s Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) now accepts a Grade C+ in Writing alongside a minimum B grade in the OET Listening, Reading and Speaking sub-tests. So, for nurses there a small concession that’s been made.


What is the cost of OET training?2021-01-14T11:50:26+00:00

Cost of OET coaching depends on your level of English, which is assessed through a free-of-charge pre-diagnostic test.

Is OET training the same for doctors and nurses?2021-01-13T16:19:22+00:00

OET Training is offered for 12 other occupations, including  dentistry, dietetics, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, radiography, optometry, and pharmacy etc. Writing case notes and Speaking role-plays differ for doctors and nurses, whereas Reading and Listening remain the same. We, at BMC, cater to all OET occupations. Contact us for the best OET preparation in Abu Dhabi and Ajman.

Why choose OET training at BMC?2021-01-13T16:17:59+00:00

OET training at BMC has been the result of successful successive training sessions. It is through the smart work of our trainers, plenty of OET preparation material, and rigorous training and feedback sessions that we are able to achieve and maintain a high success ratio amongst others in the industry. At BMC, OET course has the following features: 

  • Multiple OET mock-up tests
  • Additional help with Writing or any other module
  • Flexible Timings
  • Extensive Focus on Task/Grading Criteria


What are the number of OET training hours?2021-01-13T16:18:23+00:00

The number of OET training hours is subject to the result of your free-of-charge pre-assessment test. In the pre-assessment test, you will be required to write a brief Essay or a Referral Letter that will give us an overview of your level of English. Following the result of your pre-diagnostic test, we can customize your OET training program by including some additional grammar, writing, or reading sessions, if required.

Do you offer OET mock-up tests?2021-01-14T11:49:42+00:00

OET training is followed by a mock-up test to ensure that the contents of training are well understood.

What score do I need to pass OET?2021-01-13T16:23:43+00:00

Doctors and nurses need to score a Grade B on OET in all four modules of the test. However, Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) accepts a Grade C+ on OET Writing for nurses.  So, for nurses applying for a position in UK’s Grade C+ in writing is acceptable.

Where are your OET training centers located?2022-03-08T16:14:02+00:00

BMC offers OET Training in Abu Dhabi.  

  • We offer OET Training at our Al Zahiya campus in Tourist Club Area (TCA) in Abu Dhabi, the UAE.

We are also running a highly interactive OET online training program.

What OET preparation material is available at BMC?2021-01-14T11:48:37+00:00

For OET preparation, we have compiled a book that is a great resource for test-takers. Additionally, we have developed writing and reading exercises to help you with individual OET modules. Module-specific OET training is also delivered at our campuses. 

Where is OET accepted?2021-01-14T11:46:39+00:00

OET is accepted in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom, Dubai, Namibia, Singapore and Ukraine.

Is OET a technical, medical, or a language test?2022-03-07T10:24:53+00:00

The OET (Occupational English Test) is designed to assess your knowledge of English in a healthcare setting. OET test presents test takers with real healthcare scenarios in the form of OET Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. On OET Speaking, test takers are required to interact with the examiner, who acts out as a patient, carer, parent, or relative of a patient. 

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