IELTS Writing Task 1

The table gives information about the increase in ownership of household appliances like television, vacuum cleaner, refrigeration, and washing machines etc. by Britons during eight years from 1972 to 1983.

Overall, an increase in consumerism can be witnessed throughout the period with more households purchasing appliances such as central heating, telephones, washing machines, and refrigerators. Television was integral part of every household while some bought video towards the end of the period. Vacuum cleaners, popular at the beginning, disappeared from the scene by the end of the period.

It is clear that during the years 1972 to 1978, on average 45% of British households had central heating installed in their premises, whereas this number rose to 59% in the next four years. Television sets enjoyed a great deal of popularity even at the beginning of the period with 93% of the households owning a TV set in 1972, whereas this number increased to 98% in 1983. However, video, which was presumably introduced in 1983, was owned by nearly a fifth of British households. Possession of refrigerator, washing machine and telephone which were at 73%, 66% and 42% in 1972 respectively, saw a steady but marked increase towards the end of 1983, to 94%, 80% and 77% respectively. On the other hand, possession of vacuum cleaner by 87% of British households in 1972 saw an increase to 95% in 1982 before it completely disappeared from the list of consumer durables in 1983. Dishwasher which was introduced in 1978 was owned by 3% of British households and saw a marginal increase in ownership to 5% by the end of 1983.