PTE with 79+ for Australian PR or Study

PTE coaching in Abu Dhabi and Ajman


BMC brings you an endorsed brand of trainers with the aim of filling up the vacuum created by test takers’ unsuccessful attempts at various English exams. We, through our Need-Based teaching methodology, diagnose an individual’s level; explore his or her desired score; and then customize a course which fulfills those charted needs. The pedagogy adopted by Our Cambridge certified trainers make it a one-time event for test takers to pass IELTS, PTE, OET, TOEFL or Medical Coding exams.

PTE training at BMC:

PTE training at BMC is conducted mainly through an in-house PTE software that mimics the actual test environment. Additionally, offline training is also conducted to improve test takers’ writing skills and to help with Repeat Sentence question type. Once you go through PTE training at BMC, you will know the tips, proven tactics, and techniques to secure a score of 79+ at 1st attempt.

PTE Test modules and time taken:

Pearson Test of English is divided into three parts:

  • Speaking + Writing  (Part 1)
  • Reading (Part 2)
  • Listening (Part 3)

Speaking & Writing(90-93 minutes):

  • Personal Introduction
  • Read aloud
  • Repeat sentence
  • Describe image
  • Re-tell lecture
  • Answer short question
  • Summarize written text
  • Essay (20 mins)

Listening (45 – 57 minutes):

  • Summarize spoken text
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Fill the blanks
  • Highlight the correct summary
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Select missing word
  • Highlight incorrect words
  • Write from dictation

Reading(32 – 41 minutes):

  • Fill in the blanks
  • Fill in the blanks (Read and Writing)
  • Multiple choice questions (Choose single answer)
  • Multiple choice questions (Choose multiple answers)

Training Steps:

At Bait al-Hikmah, we provide Pte coaching through online and offline training methods. Pte training via in-house Pte software mimics the actual test environment and offers test-takers hands-on knowledge on how to navigate, to read questions, and to give answers. Along with this, we have an offline training scheme, wherein we provide Pte training by charting out and by discussing the different strategies relevant to answering questions on Pte.  Test takers trust BMC for Pte coaching because the trainers here do a need analysis in order to customize the course for you. Through customization weak areas of test-takers can be targeted and improved; and therefore, Pte training can be made highly effective.

We can help you achieve 79+ on PTE through our software-based training. For those of you who are proficient computer users, PTE is the right choice over paper-based IELTS. Although the question types differ in PTE than in any other English language assessment test, it is fairly easy—post-training—to get the desired score in PTE.


What is the mode of training?2020-03-28T12:23:56+00:00

Pte training at BMC is conducted through a Pte software for a more hands-on experience. The interactive software that we use mimics the actual Pte software.

What does PTE stand for? 2020-03-28T12:26:40+00:00

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. A test is mainly taken by people who want to go to Australia for immigration or study.

Who accepts Pte?2020-03-28T12:27:47+00:00

Pearson Test of English is accepted by a large number of institutions in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. For more information.

What is the duration of Pte training?2020-03-28T12:28:43+00:00

Training hours for Pte coaching depends on your level of English, which is assessed through a free-of-charge pre-diagnostic test. The test result allows us to customize your Pte training program.

Should I go for Pte training or Ielts training?2020-03-28T12:29:43+00:00

It depends on a number of factors: your application, time available, comfort level with computers, and familiarity with the test. You can get familiar with the test by taking a mock-up test before you register for Pte training.

Is Pte easier than Ielts?2020-03-28T12:30:50+00:00

Although the level of challenge is more or less the same as IELTS, some test takers find Pte to be easier than IELTS. A proficient computer user, for instance, will find the Pearson Test of English to be more accommodating. Both tests have four modules (i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking); PTE and IELTS differ from each other in terms of the question types. For example, IELTS Speaking is a one-to-one speaking test wherein the examiner chooses the topic of discussion; but in PTE Speaking the question types are entirely different and they include Describe Image, Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Re-tell lecture, and Answer short questions. For more details please contact. .

How is Pte graded?2020-03-28T12:31:49+00:00

Pte is graded by a computer algorithm. Some of the answers, however, may be referred to as human assessors.

What if i have failed PTE numerous times?2020-03-28T12:34:35+00:00

There can be certain reasons why a candidate fails the pte test. Non-familiarity with the Pte test format or non-implementation of the task criteria (by PTE examiner) or doing self-study and test after test without being graded by a certified trainer are two such examples. We here at BMC welcome the retakers and customize a program to suit their individual needs.

What is the validity of Pte result?2020-03-28T12:35:23+00:00

Pte test score is valid for 2 years. You may, however, retake Pte during that time to improve your score.

How long does PTE take to announce the result?2020-03-28T12:36:38+00:00

Pte announces results within 48 hours of taking the test.

Is Pte training online or offline?2020-03-28T12:38:02+00:00

Ielts stands for International Language Testing System. It is a test designed by Cambridge.

Where do I get PTE preparation material?2020-03-28T12:39:15+00:00

At BMC Training, we facilitate students with an in-house PTE Training software that mimics the original software depending on the type of program you opt-in. It allows us to give test takers plenty of mock tests which come with suggested responses that give test takers a chance to compare their answers versus the recommended answer.