Hiring Nurses for NHS Trust United Kingdom 

Shortlisting Underway For Nursing Jobs in the UK

Bait al Hekmah (BMC) Abu Dhabi, in close coordination with the NHS and other agencies has initiated a shortlisting process in order to hire nurses to work in the United kingdom. Since there is a set number of nurses that we have to hire for NHS in the UK, preliminary shortlisting is underway at BMC in Abu Dhabi. You are advised to submit your credentials or call +971-55-3657903 at the earliest.

BMC Offers the Following Services To Those Applying for a Nursing Job In the UK:

  • Initial application and candidate screening/ language assessment in the form of in-house OET Preparation
  • Interview Preparation & Mock Interviews
  • Interview Scheduling and Support with the Interview Process
  • Candidate Guidance for Compliance
  • Immigration and Regulatory Processing Assistance
  • Maintaining Contact with the Candidates
  • Assistance with Relocation to the UK
  • Pastoral Support and Assistance with Integration
  • Support with the OSCE Examination
Nurse Jobs United Kingdom

Registered Nurses Have A Higher Chance Of Working Abroad: 

All general nursing specialties, including (but not limited to) Medical, Surgical, Orthopedics, Elderly Medicine, Oncology, Theatres, Gynecology, Pediatrics, PICU, NICU, ICU & CCU, are required to visit us and submit their documents with BMC Abu Dhabi.

Nursing professionals are in high demand in the UK, and an appropriate placement is available based on your specialization, experience as well as your location and preferences. You can choose to work for short-term or long-term positions. BMC is an experienced global recruiter and will assist you to choose your right destination and right employer in the UK.

What To Expect In the Way Of Support From BMC? 

BMC will provide you all the support you need to apply for nursing a job, how to register as a nurse and to work abroad. Our experienced clinical and management team provides you with dedicated one-to-one personal services in helping you securing a nurse job in the United Kingdom.

If you have been trained outside the EU/EEA and are applying to register as a nurse or midwife in the UK, please contact us to receive a personalised step-by-step support process of achieving NMC registration and a job in the UK NHS.

What are the Perks of a Nursing Job in the United Kingdom? 

A nursing job in the UK will not only get you international exposure and learning, but also a way to settle abroad permanently. While working as nurse in the UK, you can earn a handsome salary and be part of a vibrant social life.

OET Nurses and Doctors

English Language Criteria For Nurse Job In The UK 

To apply for a nurse vacancy in the United Kingdom, Registered Nurses must have the required Band score / Grade on OET or IELTS.

Minimum Score Required To Apply For Nurse Job in the UK:

  • OET Listening: Grade B | Reading: Grade B | Writing: B or C+ | Speaking: B
  • IELTS: Listening: 7 | Reading: 7 | Writing: 6.5 | Speaking: 7

General Criterial For Nurse Job in the UK 

You should have an MSc in Psychiatric Nursing or a BSc Nursing with a minimum of 1 year experience in Adult Nursing. You should be willing to work in Mental Health / Psychiatry. CBT specific to Mental Health.

Where To Get the Best OET or IELTS Training? 

BMC has successfully trained hundreds nurses and doctors for OET examination. Follow the instructions of our expert OET Trainer for a Guaranteed Grade B on OET At 1st Attempt. We also provide IELTS Training with a Guaranteed Score of 7+.

How Much do Nurses Get Paid a Year in the UK? 

Anyone having a nurse job in the United Kingdom can make between 25,655 – 31,534 pounds sterling per annum.

Shortlisting For Nurse Vacancies In the United Kingdom: 

BMC has initiated preliminary shortlisting of nurses for nursing jobs in the United Kingdom. The process of shortlisting nurses for jobs at NHS Trust is simple. As a qualified nurse seeking a job in the UK, you have to submit your updated CV along with the rest of the documents as outlined in the criteria above. Once you have submitted your documents, our team go through your credentials and let you know whether you meet the criteria for a nurse job in the UK.

Job Assistant for Nurses