Number of People Travelling in Paris Metro

Line Graph IELTS Writing Task 1

Number of Passengers Tavelling by Paris Metro Line Graph

The line graph shows the number of people (in hundreds) using a metro station in Paris in a given day.

Overall, it can be seen that the number of people using Paris metro peak during morning and evening hours, whereas the least number of people travel by metro in early morning and at late night.

The number of passengers travelling in Paris metro rises sharply from 6am to 8am hitting a peak of 400. After the morning peak, there is a steady drop to 300 passengers at 9am; the number drops further to 200 at 10am. Between 10am and 11am there is a slight increase. Travelers frequenting Paris metro stabilize at noon between 12pm and 2pm to around 300 passengers, whereas this number drops to just 80 at 4 pm. Evening marks a time of heightened activity with a sharp increase in the number of passengers from 80 to 400 between 4pm and 6pm respectively. The number of passengers decrease slightly after 6 pm and plummets to 120 by 8 pm. Following a small rise at 9 pm to 180, it finally winds down to 120 passengers at 10pm.