News editors decide what to broadcast on television and what to print in the newspaper. What factors do you think to influence these decisions? Do we become used to bad news? Would it be better if the more good news was reported?

News Editor

In today’s world, the growing amount of news and information on media continues to influence public opinion. News editors are responsible for publishing news; however, political pressure, Target Rating Points (TRPs), and editorial bias could influence an editor’s decision. I think that for sanity to prevail, more good news should be published than bad news.

There are several factors that influence news editors’ decisions about what to broadcast or print. Foremost, acting in accordance with the media house policy, most news editors contest for the highest TRPs—a ranking based on the number of viewers—which directly translates into huge advertisement revenues. Furthermore, political influence may bear down on an editor’s decision and coerce him or her into publishing news that serves a particular political agenda. News stories serving extremist political ideologies can cause mass public disorder in a country. Lastly, a news editor’s personal belief and opinion or compliance with the ‘house style’ can lend a news story from a different perspective. Many media houses are either pro-government or anti-government, or pro-military or anti-military, and therefore, news editors have to adhere to a particular policy; hence, influencing news.

The political influence exerted through media

Persistent consumption of bad news could influence people’s behavior and attitudes. A constant barrage of bad news could devoid a society of mercy and turn individuals into apathetic, and loathsome people. Though bad news may garner more views, media houses should encourage policy-making that puts good and pleasant news first. Broadcasting good news would help to spread empathy, peace, and tolerance in society. Moreover, the good news is also responsible for the friendly image of a country internationally. Publishing more good news about a country may encourage tourism and international investment; thereby, creating more opportunities for employment.

In conclusion, news editors are influenced by several factors in their decisions to publish news. I think that good news, which acts in the benefit of the public at large, should be published more frequently than bad news.