IELTS General and IELTS Academic differ in Reading and Writing Task 1.

Difference between IELTS General Writing and IELTS Academic Writing:

For IELTS General test takers, Writing Task 1 is a letter writing task. Writing a 150-worded letter to your friend, family, manager, newspaper editor, or neighbour in one of the three styles: Formal, Informa, or Semiformal.

Whereas for IELTS Academic test takers it’s a Report Writing (Pie Chart, Line Graph, Table, Diagram, Life Cycle) Task.

Different between IELTS General and Academic Reading:

As far as IELTS General Reading goes, it’s relatively easy compared with IELTS Academic. More specifically, the first two of the three IELTS General Reading Sections are about Advertisements and Banners containing information, whereas Section 3 is a detailed Passage on a specialized topic.

Whereas, all three sections for IELTS Academic Reading are based on specialized topics.

Furthermore, there is a slight difference between Reading grading scale for IELTS General vs IELTS Academic.