OET Test, English for Occupational Purpose, BMC


Occupational English Test- English for Medical Purposes

The OET (Occupational English Test) is designed to assess the English language communication skills for people working in the healthcare sector. It’s an international test for healthcare professionals who want to study and work in an English speaking Country and is accepted in countries such as Australia and New Zealand. We provide all kinds of guidance to prepare you for the exam and get you through it with excellence. You can contact us right away if you need any information or if you have any queries regarding the exam or our program.

OET – An Overview

OET is recommended for the following people:

  • Dream of working in overseas as a registered                 nurse
  • Want to study nursing or Medical English
  • Seek for the possibility to become an overseas               registered nurse
  • Thinks that it is impossible to achieve an IELTS               7.0 at each band

OET Preparation

Some of the main features of our training sessions are:

  • Learn from Native speakers
  • Free resources for OET Preparation
  • Links to authentic websites
  • Topic specific vocabulary for writing and                 speaking
  • A Free Mock Exam

Course Modules

Exam Structure

Listening (50 minutes), Part A – Consultation (20-25 minutes) Part B – Presentation (20-25 minutes)

This includes tasks assessing comprehension, such as:

  • MCQs
  • Short-answer response Questions
  • Completing tables or lecture notes, ‘sentence-completion’ tasks or ticking/circling boxes or lists, etc.

Reading (45 minutes)

Part A tests the candidate’s ability to retrieve required information quickly by “skimming” the provided text and to obtain comprehensive information from multiple texts. This section involves reading 3-4 short texts related to a single topic (approx. 650 words) and then completing a summary paragraph by filling in the missing words (25- 35)

Part B tests the candidate’s ability to read and comprehend longer passages of texts on health related topics such as those in academic journals. This section includes two passages of 600-800 words each and a set of multiple choice questions (16-20 in total)

Writing (45 minutes)

Your performance is scored against five criteria and receives a band score for each criterion- Overall Task Fulfillment, Appropriateness of Language, Comprehension of Stimulus, Linguistic Features (Grammar and Cohesion), Presentation Features (Spelling, Punctuation, Layout)

  • The writing tasks are Profession Specific
  • The task involves writing a letter such as a referral letter or a letter to advise a patient.
  • In addition to instructions, a candidate will receive stimulus materials with information to use in the response.

Speaking (20 minutes)

Your performance on each of the two role-plays is scored against five criteria and receives a band score for each criterion-Overall Communicative Effectiveness, Intelligibility Fluency, Appropriateness, Resources of Grammar and Expression.

  • This role-play section of the OET test uses material based on your profession. You are required to take on the role of your profession such as a nurse while the interlocutor stands in as the patient or client. For veterinary sciences the interlocutor will play the part of the owner for the animal.
  • In each Speaking test, there is a warm-up conversation and once the role-plays are introduced, you are given 2- 3 minutes to prepare for each role-play. The duration for the two role-plays is about 5 minutes each.