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Medical Coding Training Course

Medical Coding Training

Ready to get started and become a Professional Medical Coder

Medical Coding

Medical Coding involves translating a medical diagnosis, healthcare procedure or service into universally accepted medical alphanumeric codes. The job of a medical coding professional involves taking the complete medical reports or transcriptions that include the patient’s information, doctor’s notes, treatment procedure, lab results, diagnosis and prescriptions from the doctor or medical service provider and transforming them into medical code. The codes have to be correctly applied during the medical billing process and are an important part of the medical insurance claim.

This course is beneficial for individuals looking for employment in various healthcare areas as a coding clerk, entry level coder, medical record coder, coding technician, medical coder/ biller or (Medical Records and Health Information Technicians). The program is designed in such a way as to allow students to complete the patient’s billing records by first identifying relevant sections and following standard guidelines to locate the information in the CPT and ICD-10 Coding books. Our medical coding training is useful for students who want to learn additional clinical skills.

Course Outcomes

At the end of the course the students should be able to, Identify sections and guidelines in the CPT Coding book.

  • A Review the current procedural terminology.
  • Discuss the purpose of CPT.
  • Explain the sections of the CPT coding book.
  • Verify the correct CPT code from the medical record, fee ticket, and ledger.
  • Describe problem areas and how to resolve hard to code issues.
  • Define modifiers and their uses.
  • Read an operation report, noting items such as diagnosis and surgical procedures.
  • Demonstrate efficient use of the CPT coding book to locate information.
  • Explain the purpose of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) .
  • Relate the manner in which the ICD supports the CPT code.
  • Demonstrate the ability to find the main term and sub term for the identification of the total patient diagnosis.
  • Identify the correct sixth and seventh digit s for high level of specificity.
  • State the need for using place holder “X”
Course Outcomes

Course Contents

  • Medical Terminology with basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Coding—ICD 10, CPT and HCPCS
  • Introduction to Medical Billing
  • Practical Session
  • Examination Session
  • Certification
  • Price
  • 2500 to 3500 AED



  • A fully interactive training programme
  • An Intensive training program which incorporates 25 modules
  • Real-time problem solving

Course Details

  • Course Duration: 50 Hours
  • Weekend, Regular Batch &
  • Corporate Training

Career Path

Medical Coding also known as Clinical Coding is one of the leading provider of jobs for students who have completed life science degree or diploma. The career opportunities available for life science students in Gulf Countries in the field of Medical Coding are very good. The HAAD Medical Coding guidelines of Abu Dhabi has clearly given guidelines related to Medical Coding through the Clinical Coding Steering Committee which has made Medical Coding Certification MANDATORY for Medical Coders working in Abu Dhabi.