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Business English

In today’s international business environment it is essential that you have good English skills. If you are looking for a job at the moment,Bait al Hekmah’s (BMC)Business English course can help you boost your CV and give you an edge over the competition. If you are already in a career, you will find that our Business English Course will help you in your daily business dealings, opening doors to new career possibilities.

If you’re having problems communicating with potential employers, clients or colleagues, our Business English Course can significantly imrpove your verbal and non-verbal communication .
Your success in your professional or business life depends a great deal on your ability to communicate. By providing you the ability to convey your thoughts and ideas in a more effective way, the Business English Course will help you advance in your career. This is a 30-hour course at various levels. If you are looking for a customized program and private training, we can help arrange this as well.

The Business English Course will help you improve your:


Course Contents

Our General English Courses are for students of all levels of English: From complete beginners to advanced speakers. No matter how much you already know. All our General English Courses will help you to speak English better and more fluently.



On completion of the course, students should be able to produce professional letters and reports, deliver effective presentations, communicate clearly on the phone, write contemporary business e-mails and letters, and complete job application forms.