Why go for IELTS in UAE


The International English Language Testing System which is referred to in short as IELTS in UAE, has gained a lot of importance over the years. The course is getting much harder to crack and its importance seems to grow year after year. IELTS certifies a candidate’s knowledge on the English language in all its form of expression. The test includes all aspects of the language which are Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Here’s a few things to note before making an attempt on the test.

Walk and Talk English

The course may not cover the entire English literature, history and the culture, but so far, IELTS is the only relevant test there is towards gaining an edge over the present business world. UAE invites home a large variety of people from around the world who are in search of investment, work and pleasure. And no better learning course than IELTS makes you capable of being confident in your general English skills. For instance, the advanced learning methodology used in the listening part of the course enables you to understand the way how typical affairs of everyday life are talked by people living in the English speaking parts of the world.


There is no argue in the fact that the United Kingdom would be the official owners of the English language. The once empire where the sun never set has given way for uniting of the world as a whole today. Although the role played by the USA in flourishing the language in today’s global economy makes them a whole other patron of the language. So if you are confused on deciding which to learn, then you should probably practice IELTS learning materials as it provides a real world approach to learning.

English in Abu Dhabi

Being the capital city of the emirates, Abu Dhabi is host to some of the major companies of the world. Abu Dhabi has a huge demand for professional work force and being professional in one’s profession would simply not qualify. The aspiring personnel in the business arena needs to have in their portfolio, a certificate of qualification in their general English skills. The IELTS certifies you as an individual completely capable of living in an English environment.