Becoming a Professional Medical Coder in Abu Dhabi


As a visitor to this page, we understand your necessity to know more about Medical Coding Courses in Abu Dhabi. For beginners, Medical coding is a profession that ties the healthcare sector to the professional world. The presence of a practitioner is vital for the betterment of any clinic or organization. So let us brief through some quick points to note while going for the practice and choosing the right course for a better career.

Let’s Talk about the Scope

The person seriously considering to practice medical coding in UAE, must be a certified medical coder (CPC®) from a reputed institution preferably from here. This certification would enable one to land on a comfortable job in any clinics or hospitals, however, this is only the first phase of your career as a medical coding practitioner. A range of extended courses in the profession like…

Certified Professional Coder (CPC®):The ultimate course for entering the medical coding profession. So what makes you eligible to take it up? A good academic schooling profile would do. Although, a bachelor’s degree or a master’s would strengthen your profile in landing a job with a big organization. It is vital that you’re knowledgeable in the fields of anatomy, physiology and medical terminology all of which can be obtained by enrolling and earning a certification in professional coding or CPC®.

Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA®): where the medical coder grows up in his career in to that of a healthcare medical auditor. Becoming in charge of the process of medical codes, maintaining professional tie-up with insurances companies, balancing and maintaining of the accounts and other tasks that may come along the way.

Certified Professional Compliance Officer (CPCO™): This is a practice that branches out from professional medical coding practice the important task being that of a compliance officer in medical coding. The certified professional gets entitled to handle patients’ medical details and ensure its compliance with the terms of Insurance companies. Although, that is not the entirety of the job.

Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM®): The course enables the humble medical coder to enhance his career to that of a physician practice manager responsible for multiple processes like revenue cycle, compliance, health information and general business processes. The CPPM is a logical next step even for personnel involved in other areas of healthcare sector.

Your next step

As an aspirant in becoming a certified professional coder, your first move should be on targeting the best suited and affordable institute that can get you jumpstarted to reach your career goal. First and foremost, understand that a professional course like CPC® is of great demand and many of the institutions that provide the course may charge unacceptable charges. Thus it is important that you do your research and go for an academy with max reputation and min fees. Verify that the institute that you choose provides courses depending on the universally accepted modules in the code books like CPT Code Book and ICD-10.

Bait Al Hekmah Management Consulting has been a pioneer provider of Medical Coding Training Course Abu dhabi. Our organization has helped many young students who aspire to become professional coders. We believe that our triumph relies with our expert tutors of the course and the affordable fee structure.

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